English Language Literature of the Romantic Period (1790 - 1840)

1,280 authors, including approx. 830 titles / 690,000 pages, written by approx. 350 female writers (only 170 English Language women writers were known before Edition Corvey was published),

Furthermore, this unique collections contains the most comprehensive Novel-collection for the Romantic Period in Bitain. Edition Corvey "....comprising over 2,450 titles [originally published] between 1790 and 1834 ......the most concentrated source available worldwide for the Romantic Period" with English Language Literature (Peter Garside, James Raven, Rainer Schoewerling, The English Novel 1770 - 1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction published in the British Isles, Vol. II: 1800 - 1829, 2000, Oxford).

The Literature-Genres are structured as follows:

Novels: 560 titles with 520,000 pages written by female authors, meaning, more Novels - written by women - are included, than Novels, written by male & anon. writers (approx. 430 titles and 429,000 pages),

Short Stories: 32 titles with 23,556 pages by female writers, 134 titles with 83,674 pages by male / anon. writers,

Short Prose Forms: titles by women writers are included in the quantities above with 'Short Stories' by female writers. 'Short Prose Forms' from male & anon. writers are in 43 titles with 31,170 pages,

Drama: 14 titles with 2,750 pages by female writers, a big difference to 289 titles with 58,930 pages by male & anon. writers !

Poetry: 49 titles with 12,986 pages by female writers / again a big difference with 325 titles / 90,075 pages, written by male & anon. writers (comment: these differences in title- / page-quantities with 'Drama' and 'Poetry' written by women writers versus men / anonymous writers are astonishing - coincidence ?

Anthologies: 14 titles with 7,404 pages by female writers / 67 titles with 34,684 pages by male & anon. writers,

'other genres' contains Essays, Biographies, Memoirs, Travelogues, Children Books, Literary Periodicals in eight titles with 3,628 p.ages by female writers / and in 88 titles with 56,824 pages written by male & anon. writers.


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