Literary works of the 17th / 18th / 19th Centuries, in English Language / French Language / German Language,

written by approx. 4,000 authors, including approx.730 female writers.

in total approx. 9,500 titles from approx. 28,000 'physical' old printed books and 'physical' old printed Literary - Periodicals, alltogether approx. 6,000,000 fulltext pages. 

To get easier access into this vast collection, the publications are compiled into  three different language sub-collections and again in dozens of sub - sets, published as Edition Corvey on microfiches (for long term archival purposes): 

English Language Literature of the 'Romantic Period', please click Fictions and / or 'Celtic' Fictions and / or Gothic Novels,

Literature en Langue française  17ieme & 18ieme & 19ieme siecle, please click Belles-Lettres,

Deutschsprachige Literatur 18. & 19. Jhrdt., please click Belletristik.

Each of these three Language-collecctions includes the following Genres: Novels / Short Stories / Short Prose Forms / Drama / Poetry / Anthologies, and  'other Genres' such as Essays / Biographies / Memoirs / Literature-Travelogues / Children's Books / Literature-Periodicals..


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